Brenda Tunzi Translations

Brenda Tunzi Translations

If you need a translation to reflect the authenticity of the content and in complete discretion, even without your target audience noticing they’re dealing with a translation, then you are in the right place. This is exactly what I aim to do.


My approach is fully aimed at delivering the best result. I consider a translation a success if it is geared to the target audience with full clarity and reflecting the original entirely. Years of experience as a legal translator has made me understand that slight deviations can have disastrous consequences.

• documenten notariaat ondernemingsrecht
• documenten advocatuur arbeidsrecht en ondernemingsrecht
• procedurele stukken
• overeenkomsten/contracten

• Legal
• E-learning / Training / Education
• Surveys
• Health • Business / HR • Marketing • Tourism


Expertise in legal, HR, e-learnings, surveys and health

In 2000, I started my career as an in-house translator Dutch to English at Schaap Advocaten Notarissen, a reputable law firm in Rotterdam, working for all fields of civil law, particularly business law and employment law (9 years).


I also worked as an all-round in-house translator English to Dutch for a translation agency. I particularly enjoyed translating e-learnings, surveys and documents relating to health and medical products.


Since 2019, I have been self-employed, specializing in employment law, e-learnings, surveys and health. I have also been officially sworn in as a translator by the court. Is there anything I can help you with?  

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E-learnings for large companies



Medical products & software



court documents

legal opinions

notarial deeds

powers of attorney.


shareholders’ registers

extensive correspondence



My routine

I offer the option to set up a designated translation and terminology database for you, growing bigger by every subsequent translation. This results in translations meeting your requirements and without any inconsistency.


When will your translation be ready?

Understandably, you would like to know how fast your document(s) can be translated. I can’t make an exact prediction but I can give an indication: I globally translate around 2,000 words a day. Whether this is feasible depends on a number of factors, including my schedule.



To ensure extra quality, I offer the option to have my translation validated by a regular experienced colleague sharing the same standard of quality. My colleague will, of course, be bound by privacy conditions similar to the ones I maintain.


I always feel a great deal of involvement and responsibility for work entrusted in me. I occasionally notice issues in source texts, e.g. “employer” where, obviously, “employee” was intended. Should I find irregularities or inconsistencies in your document(s), I will definitively notify you.


If your documents contain terms which are specific for your jurisdiction, I will add a footnote with an explanation for the target audience.



“The reviewer was very happy with your translation.”


“Must say that the translations were really good. Not sure which translator you are working with, but they did really good!”


Sworn translator

Sworn translator

A sworn translator has the power to issue certified translations. This may be required for the translation of official documents such as diplomas, passports, medical certificates, instruments of the civil registry. All sworn translators have taken an oath or made a solemn affirmation before a court and are listed in the official register of sworn translators and interpreters (Rbtv). My registration number is Wbtv number 2502. Please note that the court can also issue an apostille for my signature, which is sometimes required for sworn translations to be used abroad.


Professional knowledge

I meet the statutory requirements and have all certificates necessary to do my job properly. I keep my knowledge up to date by taking relevant courses every year. This is necessary to maintain my statutory registration as a sworn translator but I also find them very interesting and fun to do.


Privacy guaranteed

As a translator I am obviously used to handling confidential information. I also comply with the requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Overview of diplomas & certificates


Diplomas & certificates

Labour Law Translation Course

Chris P. Odijk & Xandra Lammers English Courses & Translations



Swearing-in & registration in the official register of sworn translators and interpreters (Rbtv)

Gelderland Court


Registration number: (Wbtv 2502)


Masterclass in advanced English legal translation

Teamwork workshops, courses and congresses for translators



Introduction to legal translating course

LOI – 2016


Masterclass in advanced English legal translation

Teamwork workshops, courses and congresses for translators



Legal translating

Chris P. Odijk & Xandra Lammers English Courses & Translations



Translator English

ITV Hogeschool voor Tolken en Vertalen



Commercial English and German

Hogeschool Rotterdam



Listed in the Rbtv as a sworn translator Dutch to English & English to Dutch

Member of the professional association for translators and interpreters (NGTV)



Translating is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’. The price depends on a number of factors, such as:
– complexity
– deadline
– certified or not
– special terms of delivery


Any wishes you may express in the preliminary stage affects the price. You may, for instance, find it useful to have a preliminary meeting and discuss company-specific terms, address or style. This may be more expensive in the initial stage but is most likely to be cheaper in the long run as it reduces errors. You have the option to indicate this preliminary meeting in your request for an offer.


A 25% surcharge is added to my standard rate for rush jobs.

A 35% surcharge is added to my standard rate for sworn translations.


You may opt for the additional guarantee of a reliable proofreader. The surcharge for proofreading (validation) is 15% and may involve an extended delivery date.


In some situations a discount is possible, e.g. if there is a lot of repetition in the text or for subsequent translations with similarity to previous translations.


Request for an offer
To request an offer, please fill in the fields below. The more information you provide, the more accurate the offer will be. I can complete the offer as soon as I have been able to assess the documents for translation.


I will, of course, handle all information you provide confidentially. Should the assignment be cancelled, I will immediately delete all information you have provided.


Response to your request for an offer
If you have requested an offer, I will respond as soon as possible and no later than the next day, assuming I have received all the required information.


If I am temporarily unavailable, for example on holiday, I will get back to you the same day and inform you of the timeline options.

    Brenda Tunzi

    I consider translating to be a creative process which I really enjoy doing. It requires ingenuity to find the right terms and solutions which is very satisfying. My aim is to produce a translation suitable, understandable and accessible to the target audience while reflecting exactly the meaning and intentions of the source text.


    Translating is a large part of my life but I like to spend my spare time walking, cycling and rowing in and around lovely Zutphen, the town where I live with my husband and teenagers.


    The Maggia Valley, a stunning region not far from Locarno in the south of Switzerland, is the perfect place for me to unwind after a year of work. This region to me feels like home.


    My great grandfather Giuseppe Isidoro Daniele Tunzi was forced to leave his family and village, Lodano, behind in 1890, when he was only 15 years young. Driven by poverty and lack of prospect, he left, walking and hitch hiking for a long journey to the Netherlands where he was to become a chimney sweep. He ended up being employed by a chimney sweep firm of Swiss origin in Rotterdam, where I was born in wealth 80 years later.


    How can I help?
    Would you like to receive more information, know whether I am available at short notice, meet?

    Fill in the form below and I will get in touch as soon as possible.

    Brenda Tunzi

    Weerdslag 182
    7206 BZ Zutphen
    +31 (0)6 36 28 49 09

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